Our Prenuptial Photo Shoot

This month of May has been quite a busy period for us, because aside from our save-the-date pictorial, we also had our prenup shoot last May 23. We spent a substantial part of the month preparing for the prenup. First was the venue. We chose to have our prenup at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), because a grand setting such as our country’s national concert hall would definitely tie in nicely with our theme, Moulin Rouge. This involved several meetings and letters so that we could secure the necessary permits, but the process was quite smooth, because 1) Casey is a member of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO), and so he knows the staff of CCP, and 2) Mr. Ariel Yonzon, the one in charge of bookings at CCP, is a good friend of my mom. Thanks Mama for helping us out with the venue reservation! 🙂

For my attire, I chose to have three looks: 1) formal black and silver (I used a gown that Jica designed for me a few years ago), 2) semi-formal red and bronze (Jica and I bought this outfit at The Ramp), and 3) natural white (I used a lace dress from Petit Monde that I bought because it was so pretty and on sale for only P500!). Casey’s three looks were 1) coat and bow tie, 2) vest, and 3) suspenders, which he bought all from SM. 🙂 He also bought a new pair of khaki pants (which I must say looks very good on him) from Memo and a new pair of shoes from Penshoppe, which he purchased at 25% off using Jica’s company discount. Yay!

For our props, we went to Divisoria. We bought huge letters: a 4-foot R, a 3-foot G-clef, and another 4-foot R. We also bought smaller letters and numbers to spell out OCT 11 2014. Jica and Alex (her boyfriend) decorated them by spray painting them metallic gold. We bought feathers and feather boas, a black top hat, an umbrella (which we forgot to use), and silver dangling earrings. There was one prop that we didn’t buy but borrowed–a typewriter from Casey’s cousin, Kuya Anjo. Our search for props was really tiring, because it was so hot and there were so many people. But after our trip, Casey congratulated me for keeping my cool (I normally don’t do so well in hot and crowded places). Haha.

So as you have probably deduced by now, we spent quite a lot on our prenup preparations. I even debated on whether or not I should get a professional make-up artist. I decided in the end to get one. I got Ana Isip, who will also be doing my make-up on the wedding day (Yes, I know I had already booked Mhec Gado, but I changed my mind after having a make-up trial with Ana last January. I will ask Mhec if she can do our entourage while Ana does my bridal make-up). For our photographers, we got Ruffa and Mike, who will also be our wedding photographers. I asked Jica to be our prenup stylist. She took a leave from work just to help us out with our prenup, bless her!

On the day of the shoot, we were at CCP at 11 am. I had my hair and make-up done on site. We were very lucky to be able to use the PPO office as a holding room/make-up area. 🙂 We began the shoot at 1 pm. Our first location was the CCP Main Theater. We were again very lucky to be allowed to shoot even though Ballet Philippines was having a children’s recital TDR on that day. When we did our stage shots, Ballet Philippines very kindly lowered the curtains so that we could use the front part of the stage while the kids rehearsed at the back. 🙂 We used the metallic gold letters and numbers at this location.

The highlight of our shoot at the Main Theater is when Casey surprised me with an engagement ring! Here’s the backstory: When Casey proposed to me last September 2013, he told me that the ring would be “to follow,” and I told him that there was no need for a ring. Of course when I said that, it was really a test! Mwahahaha! But really, I meant it when I said that a ring is not needed, but I didn’t mean it’s not entirely wanted. 😉 After all, Satine does sing, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Haha. Not that I would have wanted just diamonds. I would have accepted anything he gave, because it really is the effort that counts. More than the diamond on the ring, the value for me is really in the fact that he went to great lengths to hide what he was planning from me so that he could surprise me! Although I had a feeling he was going to give me some symbol of our engagement, I didn’t know that it would be a ring (I hinted that earrings would be nice. haha), and I didn’t know that he planned to give it during the prenup shoot. It was a pleasant and very welcome surprise. 🙂


Behold the CCP Main Theater 🙂


A Second Proposal ❤


Our second location was the lobby of the CCP Main Theater. This is where we got to use most of the props–the feather boas, feathers, and the typewriter. We had a bit of a problem at first because the parents of the ballet recitalists were hanging around this area. Luckily, my hair stylist Dave, like most gay men I know, has a very outgoing personality, and so he had no inhibitions when it came to requesting that the parents transfer to one side of the lobby. Go Dave! Hehe. Ruffa and Mike were able to take several really nice shots that highlighted the chandeliers and winding staircases of CCP. The props also looked quite at home against the red carpet and marble floors of the lobby. In the middle of shooting at this location, Nikki (my MOH) arrived to help us out. 🙂


Rehearsals of Satine and Christian / Rosie and Casey 🙂


My Ring 🙂

Our third and last location was the outdoor area near the Amazing Show theater. We were significantly delayed at this location, because apparently, the guard of the Amazing Show had no knowledge that we were scheduled to have a shoot in that area. Casey had to coordinate with the booking office, and so we had no more time to buy snacks for all of us. 😦 Eventually, things were settled and we proceeded with the shoot. At this location, we had a few shots with our instruments (my violin and his viola). We also had a few shots wherein we had to sit on a high ledge, which was quite a challenge because I don’t have a very good sense of balance. Haha. We waited for the sunset to illuminate our last pictures with a golden glow, but unfortunately, the clouds were covering the sun. 😦 Nevertheless, Ruffa and Mike worked their magic and came up with lovely shots. 🙂


With Our Babies Viv and Portia ❤


Casey told me, “Don’t lean on me, or we’re both going down…” Wow how romantic. Haha.

Just yesterday, we received all the unedited images of our prenup. They’re great, and we can’t wait to see the edited versions! For now, I have posted just a few raw photos here. 🙂 Prenup shoot, check! We are so grateful to all those who helped with the preparations and actual shoot! Thank you Jica for being the stylist for the shoot and for helping with our clothes and props! Thank you Mama and Tito Ariel for helping us with the venue reservation! Thank you Alex for helping Jica paint the letters. Thank you Ate Janice for fixing my gown and lending us a steam iron. Thank you Kuya Anjo for lending us the typewriter. Thank you PPO for letting us use your office as holding area. Thank you Nikki for attending the shoot and assisting us.  Thank you Ana and Dave for my beautiful hair and make up. And last but not the least, thank you Ruffa and Mike for taking great photos of us! 🙂



Rosie 🙂


2 thoughts on “Our Prenuptial Photo Shoot

  1. nice 🙂 HI, may i ask what were the permits for the CCP? it’s one of my line-up for the prenup 🙂 we dont have network in CCP.. that’s the problem. 😦 thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Koko! 🙂 I suggest you call the CCP trunkline then ask to be connected to the booking office. They will most probably ask you to write a letter of request including event details. Then if you plan to shoot outside, you may need to coordinate with other offices. Good luck! 🙂

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