Booked: Make-up by Mhec Gado

These past few days, we’ve been attending bridal fairs mainly so that I could avail of free make-up trials. So far I’ve had two trials, and both were not to my liking. I forgot the name of the first make-up artist I had a trial with, but what I remember is that I did not like the shade of eye make-up she used on me. I found it too orange-y.

Last Sunday, I had another make-up trial at the 2013 Wedding Congress Bridal Fair. Before going to the fair, I researched on the make-up artists that would be present. I looked at all their portfolios and chose my top three. Among my top three was Mhec Gado.

We got to the fair kind of late, so I had time to have a trial with only one make-up artist. Among all the make-up artists at the fair, only one offered a free airbrush trial, so I had a trial with that one, even though that particular artist was not among my top three choices. We passed by Mhec Gado’s booth, and the booth was really quite nice, and I had a hard time deciding with whom to have a trial. So in the end, I chose to have an airbrush trial with the other make-up artist, and I asked Nikki to have a trial with Mhec Gado.

As you obviously know by now, I ended up preferring Mhec Gado’s work over that of the other artist. What I really did not like about the latter was that the eyebrow make-up was drawn on really thick, which I hate (I don’t usually wear eyebrow make-up). Casey also mentioned that the fake eyelashes were misaligned. I had the chance to watch Nikki being made up, and I saw how Mhec did not change Nikki’s original eyebrow shape (very important for me). Overall, I would say that Nikki’s make-up enhanced her features without drastically altering anything, which I think is appropriate for bridal make-up. I also looked at Mhec’s photos of her previous work at her booth and online, and I could see that she has been consistent in enhancing her clients’ features. Aside from that, Mhec’s rates were really affordable–I found her make-up way better than my previous trials with artists who charge almost double what she charges!


Having an airbrush trial


Not happy


I feel like Bert!


Me and Nikki

We decided to book Mhec already, because I have checked out so many make-up artists, and she is really the best I’ve seen so far and is definitely within our budget.

I have yet to schedule my own make-up trial with her. You may wonder why we were so confident about booking her even if I had not yet had a trial. Well, we reasoned out that her reservation fee is cheaper than the make-up trials of other artists, and so if worse comes to worst and I end up not liking her after my trial with her, it’s easy to just cancel our booking. It would be as if I just paid for a trial make-up session. πŸ™‚

After the bridal fair, we had dinner at Domino’s and coffee at Coffee Bean. James, Nikki’s boyfriend, joined us for coffee. πŸ™‚


At Domino’s. Love Nikki’s face here.


Wiping off all that eyebrow pencil


Slightly better. Hmm, I need a haircut!

Well, till the next wedding adventure!


Rosie πŸ™‚


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