Fernbrook Bridal Fair

Last Sunday, we went to a bridal fair at Fernbrook in Alabang. My best friend Nikki accompanied us. 🙂 Before we were allowed to enter the fair, a Fernbrook account executive gave us a tour of the various function halls.


Taking a tour of Fernbrook


On the Fernbrook bridge

Personally, I do not really like the whole look of Fernbrook. I find the place too manicured, such that it borders on being gaudy (Nikki’s word, hehe). There’s just way too much gold paint! Fernbrook is one of the more expensive reception venues in Manila, though from the very start, we did not consider Fernbrook, not so much because it was expensive, but because it’s not in a “central” accessible location.

Having traveled to Alabang just for the fair, we were expecting to be blown over with the number of suppliers present (just like in previous fairs). To our disappointment, only a handful of booths were set up, and it took us less than 30 minutes to go around the whole fair. Good thing there was free food tasting offered by Juan Carlo, and so we decided to have food tasting (dinner) there.

Casey was definitely not impressed with the food. I suppose that his mood was already considerably dampened by the lack of suppliers, and so the food didn’t really stand a chance. Haha. As for me, I found the food just fine, though for their price (almost the same as K. by Cunanan), I don’t find Juan Carlo worth it since I prefer both the food and styling of K. by Cunanan. Nikki thought the food was fine too. Some dishes were better than others. Notable was their lengua, which apparently is their best seller. One major issue was the dessert–what was supposed to be “pandan panna cotta” tasted like pandan gelatin. It was quite a shock to the palate. Haha.


Juan Carlo food tasting session

We told Nikki that the Fernbrook fair was unusually small for a bridal fair, and we promised to invite her to a bigger one next time. Aaaand she agreed to be my Maid of Honor! Yay! 🙂 So you’ll be seeing more of her. Hehehe.


Rosie 🙂


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