Booked: Forbes Park Pavilion

For several days now, I’ve been calling up Forbes Park Association to check if our request to use the Forbes Park Pavilion for our wedding has been granted. Just this morning, my prayers were answered! We were granted use of the pavilion for October 11, 2014. Woohoo!

So immediately after lunch, Casey and I made our way to Forbes Park to pay the reservation fee. We took two pictures of the place, which may be helpful for those who are considering this venue.


Front of the Pavilion facing the park and playground


Open area behind the Pavilion

We have a Church and we have a reception venue! We have also paid our reservation fee for our videographer, Jake Olaso.

After our trip to Forbes Park, we headed over to our initial food tasting session with K. by Cunanan. Unfortunately, our EA Nina called in sick, and so we are to be handled by Jam for today.

Currently, we are waiting for our food to be served. I will make a separate post later on about our food tasting session.  🙂



Rosie 🙂


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