BOOKED: St. John Bosco Parish

Woohoo! We’ve finalized our date and booked our Church! It’s official–we’re tying the knot on October 11, 2014. 🙂

We went to Don Bosco earlier, arriving at around 11:45 am. Unfortunately, the lunch break of the parish office is 11:30 am to 12:30 pm (take note of this if you are looking to book this Church). And so we decided to eat at Amici first.

Finally, Casey was able to try Amici! My family loves it there. We always order the spinach cannelloni. But since earlier, we could order good for only two people, we decided to get just the four cheese pizza and espresso gelato. Yummy!



After eating, we went to the parish office and filled up some forms. Then we paid the downpayment of Php2000, and successfully reserved our date. 🙂



For those who are considering getting married at the Don Bosco Church, here are our top five reasons for choosing this Church:

1. Aircon (non-negotiable because we both sweat easily)

2. Aisle that is just the right length (not too short that my bridal march will not reach the song’s chorus and not too long that my feet will start to ache)

3. Beautiful altar (refer to my first post)

4. Just the right size (not as small as Paco Park Chapel where some people will have to stand and not as large as Manila Cathedral where there will be more pews than people. haha)

5. Relatively affordable (cheaper than most aircon churches)

The only con for me is that it has a glass door (so it does not offer a dramatic entrance of the door being opened especially for the bride), but they have an option of using sheer white curtains to make the bride’s entrance special.

Tomorrow, we are going to play for a wedding again. Yay! I hope we get some more great ideas from that gig.


Rosie 🙂


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