Serendipity: The Search for a Church and Caterer is Over!

I am so lucky to have a fiance who cares about the wedding just as much as (if not more than) I do. Since we got engaged last month, we have been to two bridal fairs, two food tasting sessions, eight churches, and ten reception venues. Not once was I left alone to canvas. Aside from that, Casey spends more time than I do reading all the wedding forums! He is truly excited about this planning stage. 🙂

Aside from his enthusiasm, I am also thankful that we want the same kind of wedding. We have the same vision, and so it’s easy for us to agree on our shortlist for the venues and other suppliers. Although we do have some disagreements, the biggest one I remember was about the number of entourage members (which is really not that difficult to get around).

Having said that, as early as now, one month after our engagement, we have already done a lot of work. We have chosen our church (Don Bosco), and we are picking between two reception venues (Forbes Park Pavilion and Urdaneta Friendship Hall). We have chosen our caterer (K by Cunanan). We have #1 prospects for our photo and video teams (Ruffa and Mike Photography and Jake Olaso Wedding Films). We have not booked any of them yet, but we have inquired regarding our potential dates and hope to secure these suppliers by next week.

I actually started this blog late (a month after Casey proposed), and I am now starting to regret it. I realized that we have already been through so many experiences planning for the wedding, and at this point, I cannot document all of them! So my advice is do not delay in creating a wedding blog, because it’s important to preserve the details of your preparations. It’s up to you how much you will put in the blog (some are really dedicated to updating it, and I don’t think I will be super dedicated but I will try my best), but really, something is better than nothing.

So anyway, the main topic of this post is the day that we decided our church and caterer. Last Saturday, October 12, we went to a bridal fair at PICC. We did not stay long, as it was already our second fair and thus, we already had the brochures of most of the suppliers. In the afternoon, we had a wedding gig (we played in a string quartet). The couple exchanged vows at (surprise surprise) St. John Bosco Parish Church in Makati. Before that Saturday, my #1 choice was Magallanes Church (because of the drama offered by their great big wooden door). However, last Saturday’s wedding gig allowed us to see Don Bosco Church set up for a wedding. It was soooo pretty. The periphery of the Church was adorned with sheer white curtains. My favorite part of the Church is the altar. It is so simple yet absolutely stunning. I realized that even if Don Bosco has no wooden door that will be opened especially for my entrance, I would definitely love to walk down their aisle and gaze at their altar on my wedding day.


Here is a picture of the beautiful altar of St. John Bosco Parish.

The reception was held at One Esplanade, and the caterer (to our luck) was our #1 prospect, K by Cunanan! The set-up of the place was gorgeous. Before we started playing our set, my fiance Casey approached one of the waiters to ask if the set-up was just the basic set-up or if it were already upgraded. The waiter asked if we were among the guests. When Casey told him that we were part of the string quartet, the waiter was delighted; again to our luck, the waiter was actually the head waiter! He ordered another waiter to bring us drinks and pica-pica. And then later on, when it was time for our dinner, in addition to the allotted crew meal, the head waiter brought us desserts and salad! Before that evening, we bemoaned the fact that the earliest possible date for our initial food tasting session is this coming October 24 still, but last Saturday felt like a food tasting session anyway and made us even more determined to book K by C. After the sumptuous dinner, we were able to chat with the K by C event associate (EA), Monique. She informed us that the lovely set-up involved no upgrade (yay) and gave us a lot of further information on K by C. We were so excited that we wanted to book K by C on the spot with Monique as our EA. However, she advised us to stick with the EA who scheduled our food tasting session (Nina). Casey was uneasy about this, because he was already comfortable with Monique. But guess what? Our luck had not yet run out. The very next day, we wanted to ask K by C about their availability for the two dates we are currently eyeing. So we went to the PICC bridal fair again, and while Casey drove around, I went to the K by C booth. Lo and behold, who should I find there but Nina! She was very cheerful and accommodating, and so Casey’s apprehensions have been appeased. We can’t wait for our food tasting session with Nina on October 24! 🙂


Here is a K by Cunanan set-up similar to what we saw last Saturday. Pretty, right? 🙂


Rosie 🙂


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